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You made really good points but I think the problem is that the word "retard" has been used as an insult to put down people with mental disabilities so often and for so long that it sort of became a kind of "n-word" for mentally disabled people. Also, as with all diseases and disorders, the name changed over time. It isn't "Mental Retardation" anymore, it's Intellectual Disability. I know it's more wordy and isn't as cathartic to say as retard but it shouldn't be used as an insult period.
We're going to have to accept the fact that the world is becoming more and more politically correct whether we want it to or not. It's better to adjust than to become set in our ways and grow to become slur-slinging old coot who nobody wants to be around.

Zazzzzzzzz responds:

But what happens when down the line people use the term Intellectually Disabled as an insult? And at the same time if Retard doesn't apply to people with disabilities anymore than why is it such a big deal? And there is a huge difference between the N word and Retard, in fact they are not even comparable. Use whatever words you like, someone will always be upset about it. If someone personally tries to restrict their use of a word like retard out of respect then good for them, they have every right to do so and I commend them. On the other hand if they try to force their ideals onto others who grew up using that word and personally don't care or have the same string of logic I have on the matter, than it stops being a personally redeeming factor and basically turns into them saying "LOOK AT ME! AREN'T I PROGRESSIVE, RESPECTFUL, INSIGHTFUL, AND EDGEY!?"

Superb work as always.

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Awesome! I love your cool, cartoony style! :D

ImKevin responds:

Thnx man!

I love this rendition of Kyo. Your cartoony style really gives her life.

Very well done. I love the body patterns.


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